Studio Artists

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KB Project

Born at AATW in 2003 KB Project (Kenny Hayes & Ben Trengove) have made a huge dent on the bounce scene and continue to smash it 16 years on!

Paul Argent / Pitch Invader

A bounce DJ from the days of Medicine and other underground events, Paul has been smashing it lately with big tune after big tune. His debut album featuring 15 tracks recorded at rebound is out now via This Is Bounce UK / Cheeky Tracks.

Matt C / Initi8

A bounce DJ for time with a unique style of mixing, Matt's latest track 'Just Fine' recorded at rebound has been signed to Ministry of Sound

Matt Wigman

Matt has covered a couple of genres over time but has found his calling in hard house and bounce in recent years. Has had an incredible amount of tracks out and gained the attention of BTID and Ben Nicky to name a few with beasts like 'Don't Give Up (On Love)' and 'I'll Be There'. He also records under Dekade (With Kenny Hayes & Imogen) and Double Vision.

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Ash M /
Terminal II

Ash Middleton has been powering through the sessions of late with some absolute belters! Releases via Bounce Heaven, BTID Music, Accel Digital and Cheeky Tracks make sure he's in demand!

[Carl Davies]

Carl has quickly made a name for himself by turning hardcore anthems into future bounce classics and his energetic live streams

Left Eye

Hard bounce alias of Kenny Hayes, who's 'Brain Damage' single is out now on beatport!

Mikey Dee /
Dee Generation

Mikey Dee is a promoter, DJ and producer who has tackled multiple genres and is currently smashing his bounce production via Cheeky Tracks & Bounce Heaven